Monday, March 17, 2014

Ces Gars-là

Ces Gars-là is a French show featuring two comedians: Sugar Sammy and Simon-Olivier FecteauSugar Sammy's character is an Anglo-Indian, while Simon-Olivier Fecteau's character is white francophone. 

Sugar Sammy basically wants to move out of his parents house, while Simon tries to get over his ex-girlfriend. Even though they have their own personal issues and are very different from each other, they remain to be good friends. 

I love the chemistry between these two. Sugar sammy seems to be very confident, laid-back, indifferent and irresponsible, while Simon is almost the opposite. He lacks confidence but he seems more responsible and caring. I immediately fell in love with his character! 

I mainly wanted to watch this show because it featured Sugar Sammy, my favorite comedian. He's just awesome! I've been a fan ever since I've seen his show at Dawson College back in 2007. But as I started watching the show, I liked it even more because it brought up some of the issues that Montreal residents can certainly relate to. 

Click here to watch it online on V-télé.

I've only watched two episodes few days ago but I can't wait to watch all of them...

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