Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Les Glaceurs

I love Les Glaceurs! They mainly specialize in cupcakes but they also make cakes, cakepops and macaroons. They are very professional and reliable. They have four locations: Old-Montreal, Downtown, Westmount & Quartier Dix30 (Brossard). You can visit their website for more information.

If you're craving for a cupcake, you can simply walk in and choose one or more from their wide selection of flavors. Regular size cupcakes start off at $3.25 each. I personally find them very filling. My favorite is red velvet.

You can get a cupcake to go

They usually have an assortment of a dozen mini cupcakes that you can get wi
thout having to place an order beforehand. 
A dozen of mini cupcakes cost $16 (you can click here for their prices). 
You can also order a dozen of your desired flavor by phone or online on their website. I prefer mini cupcakes because they're much easier to eat. They aren't too filling. I can easily eat 2 at once. 

If you customize the cupcakes though, the prices may increase... 

Here's a cupcake my friend got me on a rainy day. I love the message! What a cute idea!

My friends & I got one of our good friends Michael Kors themed cupcakes to go with her present.

You can see more pictures on my web page


Rehana's Birhday Cake 2012
What I love about them is that you can be sure that the cake will look and taste good. The price of cake depends on the design and portions (you can click here for their prices). However, if you want to design it, the prices will vary.. What I would suggest you to do is give them your ideas and budget and they will help you reach that budget. I've been doing this for years and they've never disappointed me. 

I rarely call them. I simply email them with pictures and share my ideas; they respond back normally within a day. On most orders, they ask you to confirm your order through phone by providing them a credit card.

Here are some of the pictures of the cakes that my friends, family and I got for our birthdays.  

My recent birthday cake

Jiya's 2014 birthday cake

Anjali's 2013 birthday cake
My brother's 2013 birthday cake
My sister's 2013 birthday cake
Jiya's 2013 birthday cake

You can see more pictures with details on my web page

You can get a variety of 4 macaroons for $6I got them last week while I was getting cupcakes for a friend's birthday. They were alright. I prefer the macaroons from La Maison du Macaron.

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