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VIBE 2014 ft. Mickey Singh Live in Montreal

Mickey Singh performed at Arena alongside with Aman Singh DJ-Ice on March 28th 2014. A number of models and organizers of Montreal Shaadi Show 2 were present at the event.

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Just like many people, I took photos and videos through my Iphone, so the quality isn't amazing.
Luckily, there were 2 photographers who covered the event:
I shared some of their photos in this post but you check their full album on their Facebook pages.

DJ turn it up...   
Before the show began, DJs from Jannat Productionz played some good songs and kept the party going. 

Let the show begin...
First appeared Dahov, a celebrity percussionist.  

Dahov is well known for his Tam Tam & Percussion shows. This was my first time seeing him perform live. He's truly amazing! I loved his performance! He's so talented and full of energy! 
Photo by Alfaaz Photography

Here's a short clip of his performance: 
Video from Arzan Blogs on Vimeo

Then Aman Singh Dj-Ice appeared on stage...  
Video from Arzan Blogs on Vimeo


Mickey Singh

Photo by Alfaaz Photography

Mickey Singh finally made his entrance and performed on some of his songs from his debut album MICK'S TAPE (Bad Girl, In love & Snap Back) along with songs by other artists.

  • Bad Girl by Mickey Singh & Waseem Stark
Mickey Singh made an entrance to his popular song "Bad Girl." I love this song! I can listen to it non-stop.
It was produced by Waseem Stark. The video was directed by Irene MahmudClick here to watch the video on his YouTube channel.

Video from Arzan Blogs on Vimeo

  • In Love by Mickey Singh ft. Asim Azhar
Not only is he a good singer but he can also dance... He showed some of his moves while performing on his other song "In Love,which features Asim Azhar

Video from Arzan Blogs on Vimeo

  • Snap Back by Mickey Singh ft. Amar Sandhu
Here's a short clip of him performing on "Snap Back," one of the songs from his album...

Then appeared Vick Singh Kaura with a dhol. I love dhols! The vibe just changes whenever a dhol is brought in and it's hard to refrain yourself from dancing.

The guy in the following video certainly seemed to have had a good time... 

Video from Arzan Blogs on Vimeo

Morni by Punjabi MC
Mickey Singh continued to perform on songs by other artists... One of the songs included Morni by Punjabi MC, which is quite famous. I like it. It's actually very catchy.
Video from Arzan Blogs on Vimeo

Highlights of the show...

I made a compilation of the videos that I took with my Iphone:

My Overall Impression of his performance.. 
I was really impressed by the energy he has on stage. He's a good dancer too. I enjoyed his performance overall!  
I will definitely be on a look out for his next show in Montreal! 


This event was made possible by: 

The team of Jannat Productionz ensured the show went on smoothly. Their services included stage setup, DJ, lighting, special effects, etc.

Photo by Alfaaz Photography

Photo by Alfaaz Photography

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