Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cineplex VIP (Brossard)

My sister and I wanted to watch The Other Woman and we saw that it was playing at Cineplex VIP, so we decided to check it out.

What do VIP cinemas offer?
  • Licensed lounge: You can wait in the lounge for your movie to start. You can also get a drink from the bar and bring it to your seat after if you'd like. 
  • Comfortable reserved seats: More legroom, side table for your food/drinks and you option to select your seats beforehand
  • Specialty Food Menu: There are servers who take your order and bring it to your seat. You must pay when you order (cash, debit card, credit card) and you have to order before the film trailers start.  

What is the age requirement
You have to be the age of majority to be able to enter Cineplex VIP. This varies depending on the province but in Quebec, it's 18 years and older
How much is it? 
Regular price: $18.75  
Tuesday special price: $13.75 
Scene members Tuesday discount: $12.37  

Where is it available?
It is available in few locations across Canada but as for Quebec residents, it is currently only available in Brossard.

 For more information about Cineplex VIP, you can visit their website.


Online Reservation

I usually reserve my tickets online especially when I have the option to reserve seats. 
Screenshot of their seating map

While I was selecting the seats for VIP, it seemed like the seats were separated from each other but when we got there, it wasn't the case at all... 
We went on Tuesday and since I have the Scene card, we each paid $12.37. I reserved our tickets the night before. They emailed me the booking ID and barcode.  

Let the VIP experience begin... 

When we first arrived, we headed to one of the self serve ticketing kiosks and got our tickets.

Then we showed our tickets and entered the lounge area...

We didn't get any drink, we simply headed inside the Auditorium about 20 minutes before the showtime.



There aren't many seats in the auditorium but they are much wider and had side tables. 

When I was selecting seats online, I got the impression that the seats that the paired up seats would be side by side but distant from the others. This wasn't the case at all. 

Most of the seats were placed side by side but had side tables that created some sort of barrier. The paired up seats had an arm rest with a cup holder in between that could be lifted up if desired.

It certainly gave more privacy. We didn't get disturbed at all by the people around us, which is sometimes the case in theatres in general. 

I was happy to have extra legroom. I just hate it when people accidentally kick your seat from the back, so this extra space does resolve that issue. Even though there were people seated in back of us, we didn't feel any kicks or anything.

Also, people can easily pass by you to get to their seat without really disturbing you unless if you had extended your legs or had stuff placed in front of you.

Photo credit goes to my sister

The leather seats are more comfortable but they don't recline, which was a little disappointing. I would have preferred having leg rest or at least have the seat to slightly recline. 


Specialty Food Menu

They had a few selection of appetizers, main dish, classic movie snacks and desserts.

Here are few of their items on their menu...
 Mozzarella Meltdown  
Deep Fried Pickles
Mac & Cheese Wedges

Main Course
Angus Beef Burger 

Classic Movie Snacks


Hot Dog 


As for drinks, they had soft drinks, bottle of water and alcoholic drinks.

Time to order...

There are servers standing near the entrance with tablets waiting for people to call them to order.  
The order process is fast and simple. You tell them what you want and then pay (cash, credit card or debit). If you have the Scene card, you do get 10% off movie snacks (another benefit of having scene card). 
My sister and I each got nachos and drink. It came up to 21.90 with taxes (tips excluded) for 2 nachos and 2 drinks. 

Here comes the food...

After few minutes, someone else brings the food to your seat. 

We got our nachos and drinks! They also bring napkins. I just didn't like having the table on my left side. I simply put my handbag on the table and held the nachos. 


Individual Bathroom Stalls

There were a number of individual bathroom stalls, which is definitely different from movie theatres in general.   

I love this idea! It gives you more privacy! I'm one of those people who doesn't like applying makeup in public (I don't why but I just don't), so this was great! Also, all the girls who want to take bathroom selfies (myself included) without feeling embarrassed, this is the perfect spot to do so. 


Lounge Area

There was a bar and a dining area for those who would like to grab food/drinks before or after the movie. It's beautifully decorated. 


Pros & Cons

I'm happy that this concept was introduced in Quebec but there is no doubt that it still needs some improvements. 

Here are some of the pros & cons of Cineplex VIP: 

    • Extra legroom & wide leather seats providing more comfort than the traditional theatre seats
    • Private bathroom stalls that are clean and give more privacy
    • Beautiful lounge area
    • Option of having food and drinks served at your seats

    • The seats don't recline nor have leg rest, which would have provided more comfort
    • Fixated side Tables (I do like having tables but I wish we could move them around to the front if we'd like)


Similar Concept, Different Countries

This concept has already been introduced in many countries. Here are some examples...

United States

In the United States, AMC Dine-In Theatres offer the following:
    • Premium Recliners
    • Extensive Menu
    • Tables that swing out from the sides and can be placed in front of you
    • Service Call Button
Photo from AMC Dine-In Theatres website


During my last trip to Dubai, I really wanted to go to Reel Cinemas and check out their Platinum Movie Suites but I didn't get a chance. 
Here's what they offer: 
    • Deluxe Sofa (Adjustable seats that can recline up to 140 degree)
    • Service Call Button
    • Pillows & Blankets (Ok that's a little too much in my opinion lol)
    • Food & Beverages

Photo from Reel Cinemas website

Is it worth it?

Knowing that other countries offer more comfort (seats reclining, leg rest, etc), Cineplex VIP does have some improvements to do. However, I'm still very happy they introduced this concept in Quebec! 

I will definitely be going there more often to watch movies but most likely on Tuesdays because the price is very reasonable for what you get. It is definitely more comfortable and pleasant than traditional theatres. 


  1. I feel like I was there!!! Thank you so much for sharing. We have one but it is not as nearly as nice as yours. I will have to explore more Movie Theaters here. Always love your blogs!!!

    1. Aww that you so much for your kind words <3 I don't know if you have AMC dine-in theatre near you but if you do, you should definitely check it out! :) I would love to go there one day! It offers much more than the one I went to

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